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we are hiringYou are having an event in London and are considering using a London furniture rental company to save money; are there things you should know that can make your event go smoother? Furniture rental is a smart way to host an event – it allows you to host in a location of your choice such as a marquee and you don’t have to spend money buying furniture. That said, there are certain facts that you should go in aware of.
qualityWhen it comes to linens for covering tables at your event the chair and table hire company will give you a choice between cotton and polyester linens. You should always choose cotton – if looks a lot nicer than linen. Let your rental company representative know your choice well in advance – you don’t want them telling you that all the nice table linens are taken.
It is very hard to estimate how many people will turn up at an event such as a wedding or a birthday – some who RSVP will cancel and others will show up with plus-ones that you had not invited. You must think about this when you are renting furniture. You should have an estimate and if there are changes try and make them 3 days before the event – most London furniture hire companies will not penalize you for changing your order if you are dialing it downwards. If you want more furniture, however, there is a chance that what you get will not match the initial set.
Delivery Options: Whether or not you pay a fee depends depending on the company that you choose and how far your event is from them. There are some companies that charge and others that don’t. That said, if you are more than a few kilometers away you are most likely going to pay for delivery and pickup. Many London furniture companies have old tables.
Have you ever asked yourself why in most weddings all tables are covered in long tablecloths that reach all the way to the ground? It is to hide the way they look. They have been used for quite sometime and because they are still sturdy the rental company will not throw them away. You can get premium furniture that is more or less new but be prepared to pay premium prices.
One week before the event you should go through your order one last time, line by line, to make sure that you have everything correct. Don’t assume that you got it right the first time. You will be surprised how many times people get things wrong. It is not the major things like how many chairs and tables are included; it is the little things like delivery time.