Finding the Best Deals in London

Whether you are renting furniture for a wedding, a corporate event, a birthday party or even for your home, you will find that there are many furniture rental companies and all of them offer different deals. You want to find the best furniture at the right price; to do that you have to familiarize yourself with the right information. This brief article gives you steps on finding the best London furniture rental deal:

• Start by making a list of all the furniture pieces that you need to rent. If it is for a wedding, for instance, you will need dining tables, chairs, wedding chair covers, childwall chairs, tables to set the food, another to set the cake and so on. If it is furniture for your home you need an entirely different set of items – you need sofas, coffee tables, dining tables etc. this list is going to tell you how much you will spend.

If it is more than you can afford you should trim down the list

• Next step is an online search. You are looking for a company that is near you – if they are far from the location where you will be holding your event then they may charge you to deliver and pick up the furniture. You will get a long list. Pick the first few and look at their websites. Avoid the ones that use the hard sale – they probably do so because they are desperate for business. Pick instead the ones that offer information that can help you make decisions. You should also look at their catalogue – how much variety of furniture do they have and do they have the items that you are looking for?

• Compare the prices of two or three London furniture rental companies before you make a decision. The price of rental furniture is affected by the type of furniture that you are renting and how long you are renting it for. You will notice that prices vary. You will also notice that there are many that are happy to offer deals on certain items of furniture. You should be very careful with companies that seem to charge lower-than-average prices. It could be because they have sub-standard furniture.

Things you should know about event planning

event planning and management Things you should know about event planning

You are having an event in London and are considering using a London furniture rental company to save money; are there things you should know that can make your event go smoother? Furniture rental is a smart way to host an event – it allows you to host in a location of your choice such as a marquee and you don’t have to spend money buying furniture.

• Now that you have a few companies in mind it is time to narrow down to one. Find out what their reputation has been in the past. Look in online forums to find out what old clients are saying. Check to make sure that the testimonials are genuine. There are many companies that are happy to manufacture testimonials and this will obviously misguide you.

You will definitely narrow down to one or two London furniture hire companies through this process. It is now time to pay them a visit to see the furniture first hand. You are looking for the quality and the age of the furniture.