Know What Questions to Ask: These questions are meant to guide you so that you can have an easier time with your event company


While renting furniture should be simple, some people have found themselves stuck because they didn’t get enough information before they signed a contract with the furniture rental company. Ideally, you should choose the items that you want and then sign a contract, right? Wrong; like with any other contract, you need to know what you are getting into.

•    What will I pay for the duration that I am renting? Most people ask this question over the phone and then go ahead and rent without visiting the shop. You will be surprised at how much things can change. Whether you are renting short term for a wedding or long term for your home you should go to the shop and sit with one of the employees to calculate how much you will pay in total. You should ask them to include any hidden charges such as the cost of transport to your location and back. Some people complain that rental is much more expensive than buying. This is true, but it allows you to get the furniture that you need without a huge outlay of cash.

•    Find out what situations lead to penalties. There are many furniture rental companies that will charge you more if you rent furniture with them for short periods of time. This obviously doesn’t apply to event rental – weddings, parties and other event tend to last a day – but it applies to home rentals. Long term rentals also attract penalties if you are late on your monthly payments. You want to know all the circumstances you can be penalized for before you rent with any company.

•    Find out about the security deposit – most companies require it in case of damage to the items. Others prefer that you take out insurance on them – if there is damage then your policy is cashed in. These can come to significant amounts and you should know what they are before you take the plunge.

•    Do they have a lot of complaints against them? If you look online you will find that there are many furniture rental companies that have a lot of complaints against them. This is a sign that they are either not very honest or they don’t offer very good customer service. You want to stay away from such.

•    Are they prepared to give you a contract in writing no matter the pressure? In some cases, people go for rentals because they have an emergency – they realize that they have an event coming up tomorrow and they don’t have any chairs or tables. Even when in such a pressing situation you must get written quote – if something comes up it is your only recourse. If you fail to get a written contract it will be your word against the company’s.

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It is important that you organize everything with an event planning company

When you are planning your wedding furniture is probably the last thing on your mind; you are thinking about the major stuff – the wedding party, the wedding dress, rings, the cake, the food, the venue and so on. If you will be getting married in a marquee or outdoors, then it is very important that you add furniture to that list – your guests will need to be seated. Many couples forget furniture until the very last minute when they don’t have much left in their budget.

Fortunately, there are furniture hire companies that cater to such couples. Because you don’t have a lot of money you obviously cannot afford to buy new furniture. Additionally, what would you do with all those tables and chairs once the wedding is over? Furniture hire companies work just like any other hire companies – they give you furniture for the duration that you need it after which you return it to them. They are a lot cheaper than buying.

The best place to start is to decide what exactly you need. You should get help either from your caterer or your wedding planner – they know precisely what furniture items are needed at a wedding. Don’t forget to include highchairs – some of your guests will definitely bring their tiny tots to the reception. You should also include a table just for the cake – it should be apart from the rest of the food.

The Best Deals in London

the best deals in LondonFinding the best deals in London

Whether you are renting furniture for a wedding, a corporate event, a birthday party or even for your home, you will find that there are many furniture rental companies and all of them offer different deals. You want to find the best furniture at the right price; to do that you have to familiarize yourself with the right information. This brief article gives you steps on finding the best London furniture rental deal:

Once you decide what you need you can then work on a sitting plan. When you have everybody seated you can then go ahead and choose furniture. There are many kinds of furniture that you can choose from. Some of run-of-the-mill furniture that is okay for weddings – it won’t stand out but it doesn’t look too bad either. There are other furniture companies that offer exclusive products that are designed to make any marquee look beautiful.

The one that you choose will obviously be determined by the amount of money that you have. Since you are already running low, it is worthwhile to consider whether you can get extra money from somewhere to rent exclusive furniture – your wedding is a once in a lifetime affair and it is worth the splurge.

You should look at the different furniture items available and choose a style. Let it match the rest of the wedding – if everything is contemporary then choose contemporary furniture. If your wedding is more traditional then choose furniture to match.

It is important that you organize everything with the furniture company so that they don’t inconvenience you on the day of the wedding. They should deliver and arrange a day (or at least a few hours) before the wedding. Once everything is arranged you should go in and have a look; if there are any changes to be made this is the time to make them. The furniture company will take everything away afterwards.

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Things You Should Know About Event Planning

event planning and management

Event Planning with Passion

we are hiringYou are having an event in London and are considering using a London furniture rental company to save money; are there things you should know that can make your event go smoother? Furniture rental is a smart way to host an event – it allows you to host in a location of your choice such as a marquee and you don’t have to spend money buying furniture. That said, there are certain facts that you should go in aware of.
qualityWhen it comes to linens for covering tables at your event the chair and table hire company will give you a choice between cotton and polyester linens. You should always choose cotton – if looks a lot nicer than linen. Let your rental company representative know your choice well in advance – you don’t want them telling you that all the nice table linens are taken.
It is very hard to estimate how many people will turn up at an event such as a wedding or a birthday – some who RSVP will cancel and others will show up with plus-ones that you had not invited. You must think about this when you are renting furniture. You should have an estimate and if there are changes try and make them 3 days before the event – most London furniture hire companies will not penalize you for changing your order if you are dialing it downwards. If you want more furniture, however, there is a chance that what you get will not match the initial set.
Delivery Options: Whether or not you pay a fee depends depending on the company that you choose and how far your event is from them. There are some companies that charge and others that don’t. That said, if you are more than a few kilometers away you are most likely going to pay for delivery and pickup. Many London furniture companies have old tables.
Have you ever asked yourself why in most weddings all tables are covered in long tablecloths that reach all the way to the ground? It is to hide the way they look. They have been used for quite sometime and because they are still sturdy the rental company will not throw them away. You can get premium furniture that is more or less new but be prepared to pay premium prices.
One week before the event you should go through your order one last time, line by line, to make sure that you have everything correct. Don’t assume that you got it right the first time. You will be surprised how many times people get things wrong. It is not the major things like how many chairs and tables are included; it is the little things like delivery time.
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